I’m delighted to announce that my debut novel, Getting Away With It, is now available for purchase in Kindle and paperback format.

Ex-British army squaddie, now financial analyst, Daniel Sawyer is trying to get his life back on track after losing his job and his fiancee in a single, fateful day. A serendipitous meeting on a tropical island results in notorious London gangster Eddie Fowler offering him an irresistible opportunity that involves travel, adventure and copious financial rewards. What could possibly go wrong?

With the Bangladesh police force on his tail, and the local mafia, the Mastaan, trying to murder him, Daniel goes on the run in a faraway, enchanting and hostile country.

He soon realises the only way out is to do the dirty on his boss and undertake a daring heist of his own. The hunter must become the hunted. Now it seems the whole world is conspiring to take him down and he needs his friends to come to his aid. A heart-stopping pursuit across continents ensues. Can Daniel take on some of the world’s most feared crime gangs? How hard can it be, getting away with it? 

An edge-of-your seat, action packed adventure that will leave you wanting more. Fans of Chris Ryan, Andy McNab, Stephen Leather, Simon Kernick and Lee Child’s Jack Reacher will be hooked from the first chapter.

Don't Just Take My Word For It...

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My Inspiration: Getting away With It

The book’s title was inspired by the 90’s band James and their song Getting Away With It (All Messed Up), which also gave me the christian name for my main protagonist. It also gave me the seed of an idea for the scene set a beach in Antigua. I often listen to the song when writing as it helps inspire me to keep going. I wanted to lead the reader on a voyage around the world, to some of the wonderful places I’ve been lucky enough to visit. It’s not just a travelog thought, the varied locations are just a backdrop for what I hope is an enthralling acttion thriller. The story will take the reader from London to the Caribbean. It then moves on to the icy glaciers of Iceland and the sweltering back streets of Dhaka in Bangladesh.  The Amalfi coast of Italy also makes an appearance in the storyline.

As for the characters, I want my readers to like Daniel, to relate to him to recognise a lot of themselvesw in him. He’s a strong, unwitting action hero, but at the same time he has vulnerabilities, confidence issues and a strong sense of right and wrong. Lee Child said that his character, Jack Reacher, is someone men want to be and women want to be with. Well I want Daniel Sawyer to be someone most men already are. Just an ordinary guy having to deal with unimaginable situations using the skills we all have, deep down.

As the story progrsses you’ll understand where the “All Messed Up” part comes in. Daniel’s head is all over the place, he desperately seeks excitement and adventure but it inevitibly all goes pear-shaped. The “Getting Away With It” part? Well, you’ll have to read the book to see if Daniel does indeed get away with it.  Whatever the outcome, Daniel can be sure he’ll find out how tricky life can be – that’s the living.

Anyway. I hope you enjoy this snippet of the book and that, when I eventually finish the painful editing process, you’ll want to read the whole story.  Please watch this space for release details.

Getting Away With It by Simon Eyre - Daniel's Prison Cell

After travelling internationally on business for multiple decades, I have decided to take early retirement. I am now fulfilling two dreams. To travel more slowly and to write my own thriller novels.