The West End is usually the first district people think of when it comes to London; famous for its historical buildings, elaborate celebrity-strewn theatres, pomp & ceremony and high-brow restaurants. While this picture is faithful, London is in the midst of a shabby-chic hipster rebirth. Boroughs such as Shoreditch, the South Bank, Brixton, Hoxton and Camden Town have injected the city with a newfound artsy, ubercool street-food and street-art vibe.

Thanks in part to Brick Lane’s melting pot, the East End’s original Bengali restaurant mecca, an eclectic artery, Shordeditch now boasts a bona fide multi-cultural food scene neighbourhood wide. New quirky eateries include Michelin Starred Ceviche’s offshoot Andina and the Bikeshed Motorbike Club. Now, the simple pleasure of an evening at one of the district’s innovative restaurants has become increasingly diverse.

Shoreditch Street ArT

The best way to see Shoreditch’s street art displays is to wander the streets. The best time to view it is early morning or early evening, when the roads aren’t so hectic and the light is less harsh. You can alight from the tube at Aldgate station, then wander up Brick Lane, detouring along the side streets to hunt out the, sometimes well hidden graphic gems. Loop back to Aldgate or head towards Old Street if you need to return to other parts of London, but ideally stay in the area giving you more time to wander, discover and browse.

Where to Eat

I ate at Andina, a brand new Peruvian style restaurant located on the corner of the bustling Commercial Street and Loleworth Close. A spin off from the highly regarded Ceviche restaurant in Covent Garden, Andina does well to continue the legacy of its parent establishment.

I had the Discovery menu, a great way to sample the best of their menu, including the unique range of Pisco based cocktails.

Andina Peruvian Discovery Menu Shoreditch

I can highly recommend Andina, but the choice of restaurants from almost every country around the world can be almost overwhelming in Shoreditch, and neighbouring Hoxton. Wander along Brick Lane and you’ll find not only a large collection of some of the best curry houses in England, but street-food stalls, Neopolitan pizza parlours, Turkish kebab houses and more.

Where to Stay

There used to be a distinct lack of hotels in the area in and around Shoreditch, but this has changed drastically over the last few years. From corporate chain hotels to quirky boutique hotels and Airbnb’s to economical youth hostels, you’ll find it all in Shoreditch. Indeed, I often stay in this area as a more cost efficient base when working in London.  Accommodation tends to be much cheaper and more interesting than anything the West End has to offer.


After travelling internationally on business for multiple decades, I have decided to take early retirement. I am now fulfilling two dreams. To travel more slowly and to write my own thriller novels.

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