The National Trust provides a wealth of travel opportunities around the British Isles. If you’re a British resident and a tax payer, you can claim a tax rebate for giving to charities.

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Why Join The National Trust

From grand old castles and stately homes to working industrial museums. From vibrant parklands to mysterious forests. From educational talks to accessible hikes. The National Trust really is a national treasure and being a member brings you priority on tickets, discounted entrance fees and free parking at many sites.

Your membership fees also contribute to the ongoing investment in Britain’s heritage and wildlife made by the Trust.

There is another less altruistic advantage to being a member of course.  Read on…

Tax Advantages of Being A National Trust Member

The National Trust is a registered charity, so buying a membership each year qualifies as a charitable donation as far as HMRC are concerned. With the added bonus of getting you access (and free parking) to a multitude of wonderful parkland, walks, monuments and historical buildings around the country.

How to Claim Your Tax Reduction

Make sure you claim back your National Trust membership on your self-assessment form.

When you apply to join the National Trust, tick the Gift Aid declaration which boosts the value of your donation (your membership fee) by enabling the National Trust to reclaim basic-rate tax of 20% on your donation.

What you can then do, if you’re a higher-rate taxpayer, is reclaim the rest by including the details on your self-assessment tax return. Every little counts, and it makes having a National Trust membership a no-brainer. They get the Gift Aid, you get a small tax-rebate, free parking at National Trust sites and free entrance to some of the world’s most amazing attractions.


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